Secrets to Selecting the Travel Club Membership of Your Dreams |

With all the problems in today’s economy, how is anyone able to afford a top notch vacation for their family at least 1-2 weeks per year? When you factor in the costs of the hotel, airfare, food and other expenses they begin to add up fast. And if you get stuck paying retail rates like most everyone else, it becomes extremely expensive in a hurry. When you go online for your travel needs you can get some nice savings, but you usually have a very short notice. Not only that, but you are doing all the work in setting up your vacation and let’s face it. Most people just don’t have the time for that.

That’s why we’re seeing a really big trend in the travel industry where customers are purchasing their very own travel club membership. This puts the freedom in the hands of the owner so they can pick and choose where and when they want to go. Because there usually are thousand of others with the exact same membership, the saving are multiplied many times over. This gives the customer much more savings when planning their next vacation or even for business travel. Also plans can be made much more in advance which makes the planning a much less stressful experience on everyone.

When choosing a Travel Club Membership the following factors should be taken into account:

1. Is the membership affordable and do I receive substantial savings each time I use it?

2. Will I have plenty of destinations to select from when planning my vacations?

3. Is it easy to use the service or do I have to be a travel expert when planning my vacations.

4. Does the customer service team provide prompt response when help is needed?

5. Will I also save on Cruises, Airfare, Hotels, and Resorts?

6. Is the travel provider a fly by night company or do they a long history of providing a superior product?

I hope you have enjoyed this information and find it useful when planning your travel needs. If you’d like to learn more about exactly what a travel club membership is and how your entire family can benefit from the use of one, you can contact the author for additional information.

Why Travel Companies Should Use Twitter For Promotion |

For the travel agent, tour operator, or travel information site owner, the key to retaining clientele is constant fresh content. When you have a deal on airfare or hotels available for a limited time, it’s important to get that information out as soon as possible so people can take advantage of sales. In this economy, with people watching every dollar and reconsidering vacations and business travel due to cost, you want to be certain you utilize the social media to convince people who might otherwise stay home that it’s still affordable to travel. Social networks like Twitter, as they increase in readership, are becoming essential tools for online travel marketing.

Who Should Use Twitter to Promote Travel?

The short answer: if you run any business related to travel and tourism, you should have a profile. Every instance of news, every ticket sale or new product available, every question fielded by a prospective visitor should be handled in the open forum of Twitter. The more you have to share, the better the chances of attracting followers searching for relevant information. Don’t be concerned, either, about the 140 character per post limit – simply augment posts with links to your main sites and other points of action like reservation forms and newsletter opt-in pages.

Who should use Twitter in the travel industry? Here’s a short list:

  • Convention and Visitors Bureaus: “Tweet” your calendar of local events, announce seasonal deals on travel packages, and engage visitors and locals alike in feedback to improve your town’s tourism.
  • Tourist Attractions: Do you operate a museum, park, or landmark? Let people know where you are and what’s happening. Send links to photo galleries and videos to entice visitors to put your attraction on their itineraries.
  • Lodging: For owners of hotels, bed and breakfast inns, and campgrounds, Twitter keeps you in touch with travelers looking for last minute lodging.
  • Transportation/Tour Operators: Post schedules and event announcements. Answer questions about available tours and network with organizations about group events.

An active account that engages other Twitter users can increase readership, and ultimately traffic, to your destination.